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The Deacon Board

Vision: To continue to identify and assist in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the people in our church, community and the world. Help to disciple young men to serve as deacons. Continue to stand in support of the pastor and his vision for the church.

Mission: The mission of the Deacon Board of the Refuge Way of the Cross Church is to:

  1. Serve Christ and the members of Refuge WOTCC.
  2. Maintain lines of communication between the church officers, auxiliaries and the members.
  3. Keep track of our constituency and help them with their needs, whether financial, spiritual, physical, or emotional. (Acts 6:1-7)
  4. Be a good spiritual leader in his home and in the church, while recognizing that the ultimate and perfect example to follow is Jesus Christ. (I Timothy 3:8-13)

In the office of the Deacon, we are called to serve the congregation by ministering to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress. As Deacons, we will help our congregation to care, nurture, visit, pray, organize and arrange for its spiritual needs. The deacons will be merciful and compassionate as they worship God with offerings of time, wealth and abilities, and minister to rich and poor alike, both within and outside the church. The office of Deacon, as set forth in Scripture, is one of sympathy, witness, and service.

Deacons’ Ministries

  • Leadership Development
  • Evangelism
  • Visitation of Sick and Shut-In
  • Serving of Communion
  • Performing Baptisms
  • Handling Benevolence matters
  • Marriage, Grief & Fellowship Counseling
  • Assisting with Church Security
  • Financial Stewardship


  • Deacon John Person, Chairman
  • Deacon Wendell Miller, Vice-Chairman
  • Deacon Will Smith, Secretary
  • Deacon Alexander Holly, Treasurer
  • Deacon Ronald Rowlette, Assistant Treasurer