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Men’s Ministry

All men are welcomed to join the Men’s Ministry of the Refuge Way of the Cross Church.

Mens Ministry Vision Statement:
The Men’s Ministry of Refuge is constantly “STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE”.

The vision is to teach brothers about Discipleship. Through discipleship, we will promote Growth, Participation and Initiation in each individual man. As men, we must ask the tough questions: “Am I giving God all that He deserves or am I all that He wants me to be?” As men, we should never be complacent and not strive to go higher spiritually or naturally. Our minds must be made up that we won’t sit back and let life pass us by. If we never perform a self-examination, how will we ever know where there is room for improvement?

Through this vision we will teach and promote an everlasting love for God because without Him we can do nothing. Next, as a body of men, we will support our pastor in all that God leads him to do with the ministry. Lastly, this vision will bring about unity, strength and love for one another among the men.

Mission Statement:
To bring men together for a common purpose and goal for the up building of God’s kingdom. The men of Refuge shall seek to encourage one another to develop their gifts through Godly character and a vibrant relationship with God.

The Men Ministry of Refuge Way Of The Cross Church is an umbrella under which many activities by men and for men can be implemented. Vision 2013 includes a new dimension of Discipleship groups designed to help men grow spiritually through systematic Bible study methods in two phases. While each of these phases will address specific topics, men can benefit from smaller groups and individualized attention. Meetings which focus on special issues for men are addressed and met during Men’s Retreats. Participation in the Men Ministry afford men the wonderful opportunity to make friends and engage in healthy and wholesome activities with other men who desire to become more obedient disciples. Men are encouraged to get together to have a good time at a local park, play a baseball game, score a game of golf, hit a racquetball, or enjoy sipping on a cup of coffee while together.

Men’s Ministry Events:
“Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” Eph 4:3

Men’s Ministry Leaders:
Elder Hardy Mercer (President)
Trustee Greg Cannady ( Vice President)
Brother Ronald Rowlette (Treasurer\Secrretary)