Bishop Leroy H. Cannady

Bishop Cannady was born in Franklinton, North Carolina to very religious and devout parents. He was called into the ministry by the Lord in the year 1950, and ordained an Elder in 1952. Just as the eagle stirs her nest, the Lord commissioned him to leave the comforts of familiar surroundings and relocate to Baltimore, Maryland to begin a work for Him, which he did in 1957€. After arriving in Baltimore he founded the Refuge Way of the Cross Church, Inc. in 1958.


In 1970, he was promoted to Bishop in the Way of the Cross Church of Christ, International (WOTCC). Along with this promotion came many responsibilities, namely:


  1. Diocesan Bishop: South Carolina, Georgia, and Texas, 8 years.
  2. Member of the Executive Board of Bishops.
  3. Promoted to Vice Presiding Bishop, 1981.
  4. Promoted and Presides as Presiding Prelate, 1985 to present.

Bishop Cannady has authored various publications, namely:

  1. The Clarion, “Salvation”, May 1985 Edition; “The Character and Nature of God”, May 1986 Edition. The Clarion is a publication of the Apostolic World Christian Fellowship Council on which he is a member of the Board of Bishops.
  2. Christian Communications Newsletter, “The Godhead”, Summer 1985 Edition.

Some of his other achievements have been:

  • Developed By-Laws and for the Way of the Cross Church of Christ, International.
  • Developed and implemented The Way of the Cross Procedures Manual.
  • Member of the Apostolic Ministerial Alliance, Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Seminars facilitated: Family Unity, Marriage Enrichment, Stewardship, The True Gospel of Jesus Christ, Church Administration,
  • Produced several tapes and records on various religious subjects which include:
    • The Godhead
    • Water Baptism
    • Spiritual Baptism
    • Gifts of the Spirit
    • Repentance
    • Apostles Doctrine
    • Salvation
    • Faith and Works
  • Founder and Vice President of the Refuge Housing Project, Inc., a non-profit organization which provides the community with affordable housing and other community services.
  • Numerous awards including: Congressional, Governorial, Mayoral, Baltimore City Council,Grace Apostolic College, Inc., Doctorate of Divinity, 1986, Apostolic Christian College, Doctorate of Divinity, 1999
  • U.S. House of Representatives, 93rd Congress, Exceptional Prayer Award, July 15, 1974
  • President of the Apostolic Christian College at Refuge, Theodore L. Barber Scholarship Foundation, Founder, 2001

With all of his many accomplishments, Bishop Cannady feels the best contribution he has made to society is his proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, evangelizing so that this Gospel can be preached unto all the world.