About the Refuge Way of the Cross Church of Christ, Inc.

On the second Sunday in June, 1958, the doors were officially opened for the Refuge Way of the Cross Church of Christ by the Pastor and Founder, Bishop Leroy H. Cannady, Sr. at 1406 Laurens Street, Baltimore, Maryland. At this first service the only members included the pastor, his wife Virginia Ree Cannady with their children, and his two brothers with their families. The Lord began immediately to add to the church and it wasn’t long before Bishop Cannady knew he had to seek larger accommodations.

In 1962, the church moved from Laurens Street (seating capacity of 75) to 1447 N. Carey Street (seating capacity of approximately 500 people). God brought in many souls who labored tirelessly in the vineyard for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Desiring to have a place of worship to accommodate the many different ministries, the Refuge Family moved to its present location, 4301 Old York Road, in 1970. Bishop Cannady has been preaching the word of God for over 60 years and the church has been the soul-saving station for thousands of believers. Refuge has sheltered many souls from adversities and the storms of life. It has been a beacon of light for those who are lost in the sea of confusion and a place where the Word of God is preached in its fullness.
The Lord has blessed Bishop Cannady to pastor thousands of people from all walks of life: bishops, pastors, evangelists, teachers, missionaries, youth and many others. Untold number of people were saved under the teachings and preaching of Bishop Cannady and have been blessed tremendously to perform a greater work in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bishop Cannady’s ministry has expanded to reach many souls through various venues, conferences, radio, tapes, books, personal consultation and DVD’s to name a few, during the past Fifty (50) years.